1000 Ltr Can-Tow-Cube Water Bowser

There has been huge demand over the past week for 4×4 Water Bowsers, requested by farmers whose cattle are located where water supplies have dried up.  Some hotels who rely on their own private water supplies, also have been  experiencing short term difficulties.

All parts of the country have enjoyed Mediterranean style weather over the last few days, and young and old alike have basked in the much welcomed sunshine.

However, many Local Authorities have had no choice but to impose restrictions on water usage and have appealed to homeowners and businesses to conserve water at all times.  In addition, they have requested that any unnecessary usage of water be avoided, included washing of cars, power-washing, filling of pools, etc, and where possible, homeowners are urged to use recycled water for watering of gardens.  In many parts of the country, water supplies have been turned off overnight in an attempt to replenish water stocks in reservoirs and water treatment plants.

The National Federation of Group Water Schemes yesterday said urgent conservation measures were needed to combat the threat of water shortage.

“We cannot afford to wait until our sources go dry before implementing water conservation measures,” said chairperson Brendan O’Mahony.

Gurteen in Co Tipperary was the warmest area yesterday at 23C.