Summer is on the way and experts are begining to make predictions as to the type of summer we are likely to get, here in Ireland, in 2010. An article in the Irish Independant states that according to Met Eireann, temperatures are predicted to rise to the mid-20’s by the end of the week. This Wednesday, 19th May will see temperatures break the 20℃ barrier and continue to rise into the weekend. Next weekend will be even warmer, with temperatures of up to 25℃.

According to the weather experts who correctly predicted last winter’s big freeze, we’re set to enjoy this heat well into late August and early September, giving us an extended bout of summer sunshine. “This will be summer’s first salvo, with a decent spell of weather predicted for the next two weeks going into June” Positive Weather Solutions senior forecaster Jonathan Powell said last night.

Whatever the weather this summer, Quality Water Services Ltd. will be standing by to provide alternative or emergency water supplies if required.