CAN-TOW-CUBE‘ 1,000 & 2,000 Ltr. Stainless Steel 4 x 4 Tow-able Water Bowsers

Here at QWS Ltd. we have a range of Water Bowsers to suit many different situations. A water bowser is a trailer mounted water tank designed for the transportation and deployment of smaller amounts of water.

These units come with an integrated water hose reel and are operated either by gravity flow or by a pumping system which can be powered via the 12V or 24V light/power connection at the rear of the towing vehicle.  “Ideal for those areas which are less accessible.”

The Water Bowser is tow-able by a standard 4×4 vehicle and come’s in either a 1,000Ltr. or 2,000 Ltr. Capacity

Water Bowsers are ideal for small deliveries of water or to areas that are inaccessible by larger vehicles such as water tankers.

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