We can provide temporary Potable Water storage solutions for all kinds alternative water supplies. QWS Ltd. can provide our popular “CAN CUBE”, which is a 1,000 litre foldable IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tank, with an internal bag liner for storage of Potable Drinking Water (Water Quality Regulations Approved).  This can easily be delivered on-site, set up and refilled as often as required.

Another popular water storage solution is the “CAN-TOW-CUBE”, which is a fully stainless-steel 1,000 Ltr 4×4 tow-able Water Bowser. The tow-able containers offer great flexability for deploying the water to just where it is needed. For larger demands, the “CAN-TOW-CUBE 2″ offers a 2,000 Ltr version.

We are providing a wide range of services for County Councils who have a Drinking Water Incident Response Plan in place and our “CAN-TOW-CUBE” and “CAN-TOW-CUBE 2″ Stainless Steel Bowsers are now in full-time production in order to facilitate the demand.

For find out more about our Water Storage services please call (056) 8834198 or email info@qualitywaterservices.ie