We supply Emergency Water to any sector – Public or Private, that has, or is at risk of suffering an emergency water outage. We provide a wide range of services for County Councils who have a “Drinking Water Incident Response Plan” in place.

We can provide an Emergency drinking water supply in the most appropriate form required to suit each situation or site. Quality Water Services Ltd. supplies quality assured Potable Water in bulk format by using our 35,000 Litre dedicated drinking-water tankers, our Stainless Steel 1,000 and 2,000 Litre 4×4 towable water bowsers or our Easifold IBC’s, dedicated to drinking water only.

We also supply and fill static water tanks in Emergency Water situations which can provide a temporary water storage solution to the Private or Public sector.

During the severe cold spell in December/January of 2010, we were involved in supplying Emergency Water to several County Councils and individual corporations. Our Emergency Water service was a major factor in easing the burden of house-holders and businesses who had endured freezing pipes and water shortages.

We were pleased to have accommodated the County Council’s request for emergency water assistance and our 24 hour a day/7 days a week availability ensured thousands of house-holders and clients maintained adequate water supplies.

To enquire more about our Emergency Water services please call (056) 8834198 or email info@qualitywaterservices.ie