The Easifold Can-Cube IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) is a fully collapsible heavy gauge plastic IBC which is ideal for the storage, supply and transport of fresh drinking water.

The QWS Easifold Can-Cube holds 1,000 Litres and each container has a footprint of 1140 x 1140mm.
Fully hygienic and easy to clean, with no corrosion and low maintenance, the Can-Cube is ideal for use in emergency supply situations as they can be easily stored in flat-pack while not in use (see picture).

When required, it can be fully assembled in approximately 1 minute.

The Can-Cube boasts a functional temperature range of between – 20 ℃ to plus + 40 ℃.
QWS Ltd. use high performance 3-ply fully certified food grade liners in their Can-Cube IBC’s, as a bag-in-box system.  This system speeds up the supply of clean drinking water in an emergency situation and allows complete filling and discharge which fully complies with all food hygiene standards.

Each Can-Cube IBC and internal liner comes complete with a tamper-proof seal.  Once filled, the Cube is fully sealed and that seal is only broken by the customer at distribution stage. This offers an extra level of security in ensuring the quality of the drinking water remains at the highest possible standard.  Once ready to distribute, the on/off tap valve allows complete control of the gravity flow water supply.