"QWS - Delivering First Class Service"

Quality Water Services Ltd are once again demonstrating their commitment to delivering first class service to their ever expanding client-base by installing Residual-Chlorine Analysing Monitors to their dedicated Drinking Water Tankers and integrated Pumping Station Tankers.

Sales & Marketing Manager, Mariena Ryan said;

“This further ensures the quality of the potable water being supplied and distributed by QWS and offers additional reassurance to our clients, who in turn are responsible for supplying top quality drinking water to large numbers of people.  For example, when you are dealing with supplying drinking water to thousands of people at a Concert or Festival, you have to be able to guarantee that the residual-chlorine level in the drinking water is maintained at the required concentration and that it adheres to the European Communities Drinking Water Regulations”.

The Analysers can be remotely logged to a PC/Laptop or any Internet access device such as smart phone’s (e.g Blackberry, iPhone etc) , or manually checked at regular intervals and any change in the water quality will be noted and dealt with immediately.

Once again, Quality Water Services Ltd. have proved that they are committed to providing unrivalled alternative water-supply services to both the public and private sector.

“QWS Staff Member filling a towable water bowser from one of our new tankers fitted with a Residual-Chlorine Analysing Monitor outside the Rock of Cashel