Cantwell Quality Water Services Ltd. Supplying Water Tankers
To Help Ease Water Shortage For Many Homes & Businesses

One of Many QWS Water Tanker's

One of QWS 30,000 Ltrs Articulated Tanker

Cantwell Quality Water Services Ltd. are supplying Water Tankers, in various sizes and capacities, to many of the country’s Local Authorities and also to the Private Sector.

These tankers are then filled at a nominated point by the Water Services Department of the Local Authorities and are distributed across a wide network, in order to provide a temporary water supply to those who are located in areas which are severely affected by water outages.

1000 Ltr Can-Tow-Cube S/S Drinking Water Bowser

This small measure is helping to alleviate the on-going effects this current spell of severe frost and ice is having on water supplies across the country.

With almost 50% of homes now affected by water service disruptions, many Local Authorities have been forced to source alternative water supply methods.

The tankers are operating on an on-going basis, in an attempt to reach as many affected areas as possible. In addition, they are providing temporary water supplies for schools, nursing homes and many businesses.

Another measure being taken by some Local Authorities is the provision of Water Bags for those who are unable to get access to the Water Tankers. For example, the elderly and the less-abled who are not in a position to carry water containers to/from the tankers, can be supplied with these 10Ltr Water Bags which are fitted with an easy use tap system.

10 Ltr Water Bag

10 Ltr "Food Grade" Water Bag

These bags are filled with drinking water by the Local Authorities and are delivered to the various houses, where required. They can be easily placed at the kitchen sink or on a work top area and once emptied, they can be fully recycled.
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