Cantwell Quality Water Services Ltd. are continuously seeking to introduce new and innovative practices into the catalogue of services which they can offer to their ever growing client base.

We’ve recently launched an all-inclusive Pump-station Tanker which includes a 25,000 Ltr Potable Water Tanker, a comprehensive Pumping Station, including Variable Speed Drives, Flow Meters, a Chlorine Dosing Unit, along with a powerful mobile Generator to run the entire unit.


This impressive addition to our fleet provides us with the ability to commence with the delivery of water within minutes of reaching our required location.

We can tap into absolutely every type of existing water system, or we can set up a temporary network of hosing and pipe work if required.  Either way, you can be guaranteed that Cantwell Quality Water Services Ltd will deliver on their promise as market leaders in the provision of alternative water supplies, either to deal with an emergency Water Outage or as part of a planned event.


Mobile Pumping Station in Operation



Contact us today on +353 (0)56 8834198 to arrange a site visit to our premises in order to view our comprehensive range of Water Tankers, Bowsers, IBC’s, Mobile Pumping Units, Generators , Treatment Units, etc.