Significant Interest in QWS ‘Priority Client Stand-by Agreement’.

Our customer base is growing daily and the one question at the top of every interested client’s list is; “What happens if the on-call services of QWS Ltd. are required at numerous locations during one specific period of time?

Dropping Water Table Levels

In short, it is not feasible for us to even suggest that we can respond to water emergencies in all 32 counties at the one time, no matter how unlikely that situation might be!  We do however have the means to deal with many locations at any given time.

Our fleet of Water Services Equipment is expanding in conjunction with our client base and we can comfortably provide services at numerous locations, should this situation ever arise.
However, for additional security and peace of mind, many clients have expressed an interest in securing a priority position on our customer data-base.

To address this issue, QWS Ltd. have put in place a ‘Priority Client Stand-by Agreement‘.  This agreement offers a limited number of clients the additional guarantee of immediate back-up water services, should an emergency situation arise in numerous locations at any one time.

Many areas that have been badly affected in the past simply cannot afford the fall-out from another water emergency outage, therefore, the added security of having a professional competent water services company on stand-by is fast becoming a necessity for many groups, both within the public and private sector.

For further information on our ‘Priority Client Stand-by Agreement‘, contact QWS at +353 (0)56 8834198 or email