Pippa O'Connor, Laura Scanlon, Betty Hand, Kristi Kuudisiim, Ruth Scott and Rosanna Davison at the Launch of the 2011 Flora Womens Mini Marathon.

On Monday June 6th 2011,The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon will take place in Dublin.  Cantwell Quality Water Services (QWS) will supply all the drinking water for this event, having been awarded the contract earlier this year.

The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon is the biggest all women’s event of its kind world wide and has grown steadily, in those taking part, since it first began in 1983. To date nearly 780,000 women have entered this event, with a record field of 40,397 taking part on Bank Holiday Monday, June 7th, 2010 last.

Charities of course are the big winners. In 2010 it is estimated that almost €14m was raised by those participating, bringing the total since the event began, close to €137m. All kinds of charities benefit, and women of all ages representing every county and every walk of life, decide themselves who are to be the beneficiaries of all funding raised, making it the biggest single charity day event in Ireland. Every finisher is a winner and receives a commemorative medal and ribbon to mark their special achievement.

Scope of Cantwell Quality Water Services (QWS) Contract For This Event

This year QWS will supply quality Tipperary sourced water to over 26 separate ‘Drinking Stations,’ along the chosen marathon route, and each drinking station will be supplied with an Easifold 1000 litre IBC, for the fast supply of drinking water to all those participating. Over the full day’s event QWS expect to supply in excess of 33,000 litres of potable drinking water.

Cantwell Quality Water Services were awarded the contract based on the companies considerable ability to provide a fast efficient service, while using the latest, most up-to-date equipment, thus providing a product where the highest standards in hygiene are monitored and maintained.

Mini Marathon Interesting Fact:

(a) Up to 1980 the longest distance women ran in the Olympics was 1,500 metres (approx. 1 mile.)
(b) Approx. 25 miles of specially designed ribbon is used for the medals – and 14 bands and numerous dancing troupes provide entertainment to add to the carnival atmosphere of the day.
(c) The Mini Marathon idea has been copied in several European cities – Liverpool, Glasgow, London and Oslo now put on all-women events.
(d) The event is known worldwide – women from Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, France, England, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Japan have all joined in the fun at some time or another.