Cantwell Quality Water Services Ltd. (QWS Ltd.) supply potable drinking water to both the public and private sector in response to any Emergency Water outage.  In addition, we can arrange a complete water supply for Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events, Hospitality Industries and to Private Corporations.

Water Supply

Using a wide range of Drinking Water equipment such as Articulated Water Tankers, Water Bowsers and Pumping Equipment, QWS Ltd can provide alternative water supplies wherever required. Our tankers are double-skinned to ensure the highest quality Drinking Water is delivered from source to destination. These services can be planned as regular deliveries or ordered on an ad-hoc basis in the case of an Emergency Water outage.

Water Services

We also provide water to many different business sectors, for example, in the construction industry, we provide water for flushing water systems, dust suppression and fire control systems. In the hospitality industry we provide water for filling swimming pools, ground sprinkler systems, water fountains, hot tubs and testing pipelines and tanks. We can supply water to any sector that requires clean potable water such as Food & Drink Processing Plants, Pharmaceutical Companies, Private & Public Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Hotels & Restaurants, etc. You can be sure that when you contact QWS Ltd., you are contacting the established professionals.

To contact us please visit the Contact Page or call (056) 8834198